Recruit Challenges

Welcome to the OSIRIS Lab Recruit CTF!

If you can clear an entire category of challenges (not including intro) you will have completed the first step to becoming an OSIRIS Lab member*.

The lab is located at 370 Jay Street in Room 1066, however we are currently holding lab meetings, Hacknights, and collaborating on CTFs virtually via the OSIRIS Lab Discord. Please reach out to osiris@osiris.cyber.nyu.edu for an invite link.
Happy Hacking!

*Other membership requirements include:

  • Introduce yourself at a lab meeting!
  • Participate in lab events
    • Play a CTF with us
    • Help with CSAW events (CTF or RED)
    • Join a research project
    • Write a blog post, and present it at a lab meeting

      Lab Membership is open only to any and all NYU Students